23.06.2022 05:08:11 - dpa-AFX: Microsoft: Ukraine's allies targeted by Russian cyberattacks

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - Russian hackers are initiating large scale
cyberattacks on Ukraine's Western allies, according to tech giant

Hackers were targeting government computers in NATO member states in
particular, the software company warned on Wednesday night, adding
that while the chief target was the United States, Microsoft's
experts had detected cyberattacks on some 128 organizations in 42
different countries outside Ukraine.

Russian hackers had successfully breached 29% of networks they
attempted to attack, the company said, adding that in at least a
quarter of successful attacks data had been stolen.

At the same time, Microsoft emphasized that Russia had attacked
Ukraine's IT infrastructure with both cyberattacks and missiles since
the beginning of the war. However, it said, the country's computer
systems had proven to be highly resilient to such attacks, thanks
largely to precautionary measures.

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